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About Noreen Rogers, M.A.

Learning to read has been difficult for many very intelligent and famous people. Woodrow Wilson, the scholarly twenty- eighth President of the United States, did not learn to read until he was eleven years old. Nelson Rockefeller, former Governor of New York and Vice President of the United States, had such difficulty reading that he was forced to memorize his speeches. Many other like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Auguste Rodin had great difficulty to read, write and spell.

Why did these people and many other very intelligent and talented people have such difficulty in learning to read? Probably because they were introduced to reading using the traditional classroom programs. These methods do teach many people to read, spell and write. However, we do not all learn in the same way. Some of us must use a multisensory approach to learn to read.


We use our bodies to speak, hear and understand English. This program will teach you to use your eyes, ears, hands and mouth to learn how to read, spell and write English.

English is very difficult to read and write no matter which method is used to teach the skills we all require to break the "code" and begin "sounding out" unknown words. Before you begin the program click on to the History of English icon and you'll understand why you and so many people find it so hard to read and spell English words.

Please be sure you complete every lesson in the program at least once. Do not skip any sections or parts of a section. You will understand why as you move through the program.

Be patient with yourself. You are totally in control of what you learn. You will interact with the computer in every lesson. Remember, if reading is a challenge it is not your fault. English is a jumble of different languages and made up words. A lot of words are spelled differently than they sound. You just have to take it a little at a time.

We hope you will enjoy the program,
Noreen Rogers


Certifications Held By MS. ROGERS Include

  • State of California Administrative Services, K-12
  • State of California Multiple Subjects, K-12
  • State of New York District Administrator, K-12
  • State of New York Teacher of Special Education, K-12
  • State of New York Teacher of Health Education, K-12
  • State of New York Teacher of Common Branches, K-6
  • California Community Colleges Qualification to Determine Student Eligibility for Learning Disabilities Services